Short stories of actors, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2017

Short stories written by the participants The Earth Trembles [Ed.2]. 


„Whenever I saw a cockroach,  I tend to get afraid, for I fear that it will fly or get in contact with my body, especially if it goes into my mouth and I unaccidentally bite it.  I bet for sure,  it would taste awful and several days later,  it could cause diseases to grow in my body.
Probably the next thing that’s gonna happen is when I tried to kill it with my own skin,  let’s say my hand.  The  smell of the creature’s body and the subtance that comes out from it would make me feel sick and it will cause diseases as well. The thing I fear the most would come happen if unaccidentally put the cockroach’s substance in my mouth. Also what’s gonna happen when I try to fight the cockroach with an object like shoes,  shirt,  etc.
When it’s body is destroyed and the substance sticks on my stuffs,  I’m worried that one day when i’m in close contact with that substance,  I would unaccidentally shove it in my mouth or swallow it.
Drupadi Nurnovitri
The foolish Ormas
Ormas‘ behavior that recklessly justify a group that contradicts with their importance in behalf of religion is making people feel uneasy. Considering that differences such as religion, race and life perspective becomes the biggest human mistake is the easiest thing that they always do. How could they bring in the behalf of unity in differences if they only preach unity? they change and destroy a the face of a group because they transform one Ormas into a symbol of movement for the blind that likes to gape their eyes whenever they flip money with a value of 100 thousand and rice box as a remuneration for walking under the heat of the sun while carrying a flag and shouts „Dialah Sang Penista!“ („He is the sinner!“)
Muhammad Farhan Suryo Hari Putro

My name is Tiara, you can call me Ara. I’m 20 years old, I’m a science tutor for middle and high school level. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and now taking college majoring in Physcs for the next 4 years.

I don’t have someone special in particular as in best friends in my life. Everytime, I feel I fit in to people, I’m start to get away from them and step by step disappear from their life. Then when I feel sad, lonely, depressed, I have nobody to talk to − or in this case, I decide to not talk about it to anyone including my family.

Many people says that I am a cheerful and open-minded person. In fact, I use my cheerfulness appearance to hide my problems and prevent people to ask me more about myself.

Tiara Aulianingtyas


Global warming in our own perspective.
For me,  global warming is always happening indirectly in our lives. Because what we use in our daily lives,  that is one of the reason that causes global warming to happen. For instance: we use vehicles to travel from one place to another for oyr activities,  indirectly,  we are considered as one of the factors or reason why global warming exist.
For me global warming is really complex, because almost all of the factories are the cause of global warming and also, going back to the idea of business where people are finding a way to earn money. A factory consist of different kinds of human necessity, starting from clothing,  soap,  shampoo,  toothpaste, foods and the list goes on for the list of stuff we should buy for us to go through our daily lives. Moreover,  every type of item has different kinds of brands.  For instance: for shampoo there is lifeboy,  dove,  loreal,  clear,  tresme and etc. For sure,  they have their own personal factory.  Everyone needs money to survive and to travel for work.  Even all the things we do is considered global warming in an indirect manner. It is inevitable but it’s possible for us to minimalize the damage we are gonna cause. By cutting down our daily use or expenses or as simple as riding a public transport rather than using your personal vehicle.
Ghassani Sabrina 
„They are certain, he would be striked by a fatal catastrophe.“ (Al Qiyamah:25)
Catastrophe does not exist just like that, even with no reasons and consequences.  Said the universe, it’s not only the work of God that comes with it but also not to estrange the human prayers that are blessed or listened by the angels.
Everyday, several inch of the earth is getting older and fragile.  We forgot,  there is no other place to step on other than Earth itself.  Greed and arrogance shackle our conscience, to fulfil our lust for money and power. Human’s activites consist of the biggest role towards the increasing of gas in the greenhouse.  Some of the gas should be reflected again, to be trapped in the world’s atmosphere until the average anual temperature keeps increasing every year.
Polution. The luxurious factories and buildings that stands tall, left no spaxe for the trees to grow and emvrace the laughter of children. Engined vehicles and factories are the biggest contributor when it comes to air pollution.  Pollution slowly damage the oxygen’s network until it tears off the ozon layer as a way to protect the earth from the radiation of the sun.
Then, chunks of ice would bot be able to contain the heat, glaciers are going to melt and would add up the sea level. Then everything vanish,  all lands woyld be covered by sea water.  Experience an extreme weatger often.
There are not much fauna and hayati that are able to survive until the crisis will engulf. In the end,  human pollution would be gone, nothing left. Money and power is no longer relevant when the earth is mad and no longer friendly.
Humans holds on to the disaster that is about to come on their way and with apathy they neglect the very essence of life and their inheritance in the future.  There will be a time when prayers could no longer be fulfilled and regret is pointless.  What’s the use in fantasicing it when there is no chance left.
“Damage was seen on land and in water that was caused by the wrong doings of human, in order for God to show them a part from their (cosequences) mistakes, for them to return to the right path.” (Ar-Rum:41)
Riyaka Indiarni
About me
Truly, i find to compose a writting about myself is a lot way harder if you compare to composing an essay about the patterns that I managed to find in the result of different sorts of studies or research in human interactions towards one another, their life’s enviroment and within themselves. Also in this essay, I have to disect my identity with humanities issues that succed in attracting my interest and concentrations these several years. Therefor, this essay is gonna be short. Getting to know myself through the external tendencies of existential and the journey of the dialectial universe evolution is still an issue that I find unimagineable. I am an individual that aspire to be able to look at life in my natural state as the last creature that is born from the Earth’s womb without the frill of existance that is reductive. Being an earth’s child in Jakarta,  Indonesia is such a challenging thing, remembering that this nation is a nation that is currently having a very high crisis in reality culture because the all the spiritual godliness trademark from the east has lost it’s essence because we have change the way we see things,  we see things through a very pragmatic lense, means that we oriented to much towards profit or benefit that are materialistic.
Rangga Dananditya

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